Still not summer! Torrential rains, 61? at 7AM. I have long underwear under my SHORTS! And a sweatshirt. And I have a plate of grits and sausage with my pot o black extra bold. In my mind it is a balmy late October.

 I’m damned if I am going to light a fire.

 This is – well, it’s wrong!

 We forgot to bring in the two Audubon feeders last night and the raccoons dumped them in the driveway. One of these nights when I can’t sleep because of my piercing backache I will sit up in the window with my Marlin model 39-A lever action and fill their asses with hollow point sub-sonic loads.

 Maybe they are drowning as we speak. I’m a hopeless dreamer.

 I am having some issues between my shoulders. It easies up after rising but getting out of bed I feel as though I am being attacked by a knife wielding mugger. Funny, within minutes after getting out of bed, I am fine unless I particularly stress the area. It may be time for a visit to my friendly osteopath.

 BTW, that Cambridge cop WAS stupid!

 Well that’s all the news from Pownal. It’s slacked up a bit. I’ll put on boots and rain togs and go out for the paper and bring in and fill the feeders. Later this afternoon, I’ll stack some more wood if the rain quits. Winter is coming – early they say.

 Like the sign says at the border: Maine – The way life should be.

 Careful what you wish for.


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