From the deck a nearly 180? view of the gardens in front of the house. Some colors are fading and changing, but that is, in it’s own way, part of the beauty of the seasonal shift that seems always to be with us here.
This was done with an iPhone app called Auto Stitch. It is like magic watching it do it’s thing in the phone and then to be sent out over several channels. It’s only a simple 2 megapixel camera with nearly no refinements but for it to do this I can forgive some shortcomings.
The observant will notice that there are a couple of wood piles beyond. Anyone passing by is welcomed to stack a few sticks and then to come by and warm by the heat they produce later on in the year.
The air is wonderfully dry and cool this evening and is the “why” behind the summer infusion of visitors to our state. Alas, as soon as the frost arrives, those of the chicken hearted clan flee to Florida for the winter months. To be sure, there are moments somewhere around March when I would do likewise. Those times when the cold seems to be invading my bones, I would give a lot to feel the sweat rolling down the small of my back as I hauled one more load of wood into the shed to be stacked.
This kind of gossip is clearly not without substance as the Weather Bug promises 45? tonight with some wind. It’s August you guys!
Oh well, that’s the way it goes here near the 45th parallel.
Be well and stay tuned – – – – Jerry Henderson

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