Driving anywhere lately is an effort to keep going – not to stop for yet another irrepressible image that just has to be recorded. I am not that great a photographer, but greatness is not required. Willingness to stop is most of it. I am sure other drivers think I am a tourist. Yet these images are within ten minutes of this computer. I must drive to Portland in a little while. I’ll take the Interstate. Not much color there. I’ll make good time. I may, however, return through the woods, just in case.

Wind and rain barreled through late yesterday causing a shower of leaves and pine needles in a spectacular display. It foreshadowed the beginning of the end of a remarkable color season. It’s all of a piece, isn’t it? It’s all beautiful.

Be well, and stay tuned. . .

Jerry Henderson

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  1. The one season we do miss. We actually do also get falling leaves, in Dec, but no color, just brown leaves. Number 4 is my fav. Thanks for sharing!Michelle

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