It’s almost as though, as in a stage production, there was a slight pause, the curtain was drawn  and when opened, the scene had changed so much so that it seemed like another world.  It was really quite strange that the only place where there was any snow on the ground was here – within a mile or two from our house and then the ground was bare.  I am sure it was a sign from on high that we needed some special treatment for some long forgotten cosmic transgression.  

For me, I am guilty of feeling that the milder temperatures and clear dry skies we have been having were a clear sigh that we were going to have an extended mild and summer-like fall.  I now know that with a flick of the meteorological switch the weather gods can dump whatever they choose upon our heads with impunity.  I am humbled by the lesson and promise never to take a nice day for granted again.  I mean within an hour yesterday morning we had two brief power outages!  What does it take, a brick up side the head?

It’s presently 34? and the fire across the room feels good against the soles of my feet propped up and pointed in that general direction.  There is only a smattering of snow in the shadier places left to remind us of the real season lurking around the corner.  Something now is different.  Attitudes have changed and the seasonal transmission has shifted into a slower gear driving all wheels for traction and security.

Hunker down.

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