I hope those people in Copenhagen don’t do anything too quickly to cool the earth down. It isn’t immediately apparent here that there is anything like global warming going on except in textbooks and on the lecture circuit. It’s colder than a well digger’s drill bit in Idaho.

It does seem a bit early in the season for the morning temperatures to dip below the zero point. I can remember living up in Central Maine a number of years ago when we had sustained temperatures in the minus 30 region one Christmas Day. That was unusual and memorable. Nothing moved, and it it attempted to move it made funny and unusual noises.

I had a friend who was running an automobile repair shop at the time in a small town nearby and he told me this story. He did not work on Sunday. This was an inviolate rule of his. On this particular Sunday morning with temperatures in the minus 30 neighborhood his phone rang. It was the classic little old lady who was a regular customer calling to say that her ancient Datsun would not start and she had to go to church – could he come over and get it started for her.

In his gravelled cigarette enhanced voice, as kindly as he could be under the circumstances, he told her that it was too cold to be out even for church and that his own car also would not start, so he would not be able to come out and help her. Anyway, he added, I am closed on Sundays. The woman was quite upset and warned him that God would not be pleased. His reply was something like, maybe, since the weather is God’s business, she could bring this issue to his attention. I am sure – at least I want to be sure of this – that that little old lady was secretly pleased not to be out freezing her butt off but rather sitting by the fire as i am doing, wondering if it is time to feed another stick to the coals to keep the heat up in the comfort zone.

I need to go into town myself this morning. I’ll wait until the temperature rises a point or two before I venture out. I have a package to mail and a birthday present to pick up. None of this would be happening at 30 below I can guarantee. Weather Bug says it is 18? while my gauge reads an even zero. I think their instrument is on a sunny hill about four miles from here while mine is in the shade on the north side of this house under a ledge that is covered in icy snow and pine trees. We seem to have our own little micro weather system here that always seems to be colder than the published readings.

That’s the way it is here in Maine three days before the beginning of winter.

Be well and stay tuned.

I’m Jerry Henderson

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