An old friend of mine, Carlo Buscemi, who ran Carlo’s Restaurant on Calder Ave. in Beaumont TX once – way back in the dark ages of the 1970’s – said, as I entered the place, “Hey, Jerry, what you gona eat?” I told him I felt like a little pasta. He then told me that if I ate what he wanted me to have it was on the house. I asked what’s going on, and he said he was coming up with a new menu and wanted to test a dish out on someone. I was all for it. I am essentially a scientist at heart.

He called It Pasta Soliata, or pasta alone. I am not sure of the spelling and neither are the translators I have used. A little oil with saut?ed garlic in it, a little shaved parmesan, and a dash of nutmeg. Just a sniff. No cream as in Alfredo. Crusty bread. It was a heaping serving and it was delicious. A real pasta lover’s dish. You don’t want to actually taste nutmeg as much as be aware of it’s presence. I have found that over the years I like to add a dash of cayenne pepper as well. Carlo served a dark beer with it but I now prefer a good Burgundy or Cabernet, or maybe if it is available, a Beaujolais Nouveau. Why no Italian wine? You got me there.

Well I had some leftover pasta this morning in the ice box and so I warmed it up with cups # 2 and 3 of dark roast. Quality oil is a must. I didn’t have any shaved Parmesan but the regular bottled version worked well. I was impressed. I ate it all. I’m siting here thinking that a couple of poached eggs on top would have been acceptable. It’s funny: the older I get the more I find that any food is acceptable breakfast fare. Good luck with yours.

Bene apitite!

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  1. Mr. Buscemi was a neat guy. A few years back he sold the restaurant to another cool guy but who made a go of it for a while. Alas, it is now closed. It’s a shame. A quiet, small, romantic little place to enjoy an evening. It will be missed.

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