Corny, I know. Probably the most commonly understood axiom of life. Even more common than, “Love your mother.”

I could go through the entire list of illustrations from my life that demonstrate this truism, but neither of us is interested in that, I am sure.

I have been getting messages all week from as far away as Texas and Arizona asking about the snow we have gotten. It seems that if anyone in the northeast is getting snow surely Maine will be in there for its share.

We had a dusting yesterday and this morning we woke up to a “flocked” world with 2″ of new wet stuff clinging to anything it touched, which I will gladly welcome over the knee deep stuff that the mid section of our country has to brag about.

We’ve won our share of snow storm contests but this late in the year and after a snowless and warm February, I am not in the mood for a two foot storm that paralyzes life here on the plantation. Ah but, as addicted to this ray of hapless hope as I am I know and would put my money on the most major storm of the season to be in our future. You can never trust March in New England.

Meanwhile, wind has proven to be the worst of our problems, knocking out power and internet connections for thousands over the past few days. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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