We had what would pass for a close approximation to a traditional Easter dinner consisting of ham, snap beans ( Hey, they are the same color as peas ) potatoes au gratin and a salad. CA, Ruth and I were enjoying a mild and sunny late afternoon with warm zephyrs passing through open windows and doors. It was a heavenly close to an unusually warm Easter Sunday.

Sitting in the middle of the table was our memento to Ruth for Easter which consisted of a card in a pastel Easter Egg purple envelope popped up on a couple of boxes of yellow and purple Peeps. Now, we’re talking core Easter stuff here. She loves Peeps.

As though on cue, a chocolate rabbit – solid milk chocolate – appeared after the first round of Peeps and we all had a piece of the most desirable rabbit part: ears.

Just for fun I checked the expiration date on the peeps and it was over two years down the way. I have to wonder what kind of petroleum based chemical magic preserves as fresh these little fluffy marvels for over two years. And what does it do to one’s insides. Chocolate never last long enough around here to even approach any expiration date. Thanks to Ruth our sweet tooth is exercised frequently. Her doctor told her when asked about it, “Ruth, you are in your 90’s. You can eat whatever you want. Nothing you eat ‘now’ is going to kill you”. I have to be careful not to interpret that statement that in some way it could pertain to me.

So there it is: Easter 2010. I hope it was enjoyable for you. Perhaps you even had a Peep or two yourself. You are definitely worth it.

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  1. Peeps are one of the favs in this household. We find them best when they are opened slightly upon purchase and left to dry for about a month. This changes the consistency but looses none of the flavor. A really chewy outside with a soft and melt in your mouth inside. Are we the only ones that do this? I would not hold after July 4th.

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