I was in this bar today and I saw this iPhone on a bar stool. It was just laying there, so I picked it up, unnoticed by anyone in the room. On second look, I realized it was the super secret iPhone 4! Just like the rumor mills had described it. Squarish on the edges and thinner, with a bigger camera on the back and a smaller one facing the user to make video chats possible.

I was pumped, to say the least. I tried to turn it on and it came on! Wow! Just then it rang. It wasn’t my usual ring but then It wasn’t my phone either.

I said hello. The caller said hello , who is this? I said, I am sorry but you called it is your turn to say who you are. Otherwise i am hanging up.

He said well, you have a point there. I’m Steve Jobs at Apple Inc. I said sure and I am Andy Warhol. I have always wanted to do your portrait.

He said, no seriously, I am Stephen P Jobs, the CEO of Apple. I said, so what if you are? What do you want with me?

He said, the phone you are holding is mine and I want it back. I said finders keepers losers weepers.

He said, look friend. I said, my name is – well you can call me Jerry.

He continued, Look Jerry, either you give back the phone or I will have several low level expendable engineers come over and break your legs. I said, for a phone?

He said is’t not just a phone it is, well it’s secret.

I said, you mean like a Dick Tracy Secret Decoder Ring? Well, he said, it is almost that good.

I said, I don’t believe it.

Jerry, he said, you can believe it.

I said, we’ll see.

I said, how do I know you are really Steve Jobs? He said, call this number and you will get the Apple switchboard and that will connect you back to me. How’s that?

Just then I got a call waiting signal and I told Steve to hold on and switched over to see who it was.

I said hello.

The caller said, hello, who is this?

I said, here we go again. You called, old buddy, so you say who you are or I hang up.

He said, OK, I am Jonathan Ives. I work at Apple and I think you are using a phone I “lost” today. I said, where do you think you lost it?

He said, it would have been in a bar near the Apple campus.
I said, bingo. Mr. Ives, I think they are hiring over at Google.

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