Somebody is bound to get it right sooner or later and Times Square – or some other iconographic location in America will be senselessly obliterated – in the name of God of course. It would be tragic indeed for such a horrific event to go down in the name of senseless whim, insanity, misguided ideology or some stupid notion that they just hate our freedom. Funny, in times of war or pseudo war, God is always on “our” side.

The bar has already been set quite high at the World Trade Center. All those tragically murdered people are now memorialized in a brand new federal agency that has as it’s main thrust our national security. We all hope it works.

To be an American these days means a little more than amber waves of grain. It means knowing that there are really people out there who would gladly murder YOU for no other reason than that you are an American. It means all you have to do is wake up to be on somebody’s hit list.

Now, if it were my task to compose that hit list . . . . Well I could fix congress with the stroke of a pen.

It’s enough to wake you up in the middle of the night. I did hear a noise the other night, and it did wake me. I am essentially deaf without these instruments stuck in my ears. But there was something that was clearly audible – enough so that it woke me. You can imagine that it got my attention. No! I did not even think of some Jihadist set out to blow me up, but I did think that there may be some crazed Red Neck looking for a thrill. So, here’s what ran through my mind. Should I get up and inventory my supply of home defense hardware? Perhaps polish my piece? Maybe living out here in the country, I should start openly carrying just in case you know. A shoulder holster in bed? Hell, I have trouble with a twisted up tee shirt much less some S.W.A.T. nightie.


Although this is a possibility. I advise not having a round in the chamber for “obvious” reasons.

What I did was to make sure everything was secure and that the arsenal was available. I DON’T LIKE THIS FEELING AT ALL! So, I played a few games of solitaire on my iPod and then went to sleep. God Bless America!

That, of course, is the difference between then and now. We all know it’s a different world. The rules have changed. The principles have not! Living by the sword still means dying by the sword. Yet we seem to be Hell bent on that life. We like to say “they” are the violent ones yet we spend more of our resources than anyone else does on warfare hardware.

I don’t know what the answer is. I do know that my bullets are old and probably need to be replaced. It’s probably time for some test shots too. You know, just to make sure.

Be well and sleep well.

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  1. I am confused, even still on most counts I agree.Don?t all wars, and such events, almost always go down as misguided ideology? The trick is to be on the misguided side with the bigger guns and braver souls. So far it?s worked out for our side.And when did it become a sin to be an American? I?ve heard our current Commander in Chief apologize and berate our status as a ?super power?. That doesn?t seem to be calming anyone down now does it?A super power does not just mean a big military. Thank god. It also implies a compassionate, giving and technologically advanced nation. I think we can still claim that, for now anyway.Ditto?s on the Department of Homeland Security. Good Idea going scary bad. I don?t like having the current crowd in charge of that.While we?re fixing congress, let?s throw in the ?unbiased? media, Washington Times, Huffington Post et al.Test the old bullets. No telling what varmints you got up there in the Great White North.dh

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