I just read a piece by Verlyn Klinkenborg in the Times today. I love his stuff. He is arguably one of the best writers out there.

His piece on digital books is spot on and should be read by anyone who reads and specially anyone who ever uses a lending library. E-book reading won’t come of age until you can “borrow” a book for say a month, after which it would be removed from your device. For a small fee per year you could belong to a library and purchase or borrow a book. That would be the grown up attitude about it.

What’s going on in the digital industry now is purely commercial. You may be able to get on the Internet for free, but after that you pay for everything. A lending library for digital books makes sense. We are being told how wonderful it would be to have hundreds of books on our Kindles or iPads. That idea my friends is pure bullshit. That’s a Pitchman’s idea that has no purpose other than to get your money.

What is needed in the digital world is the old fashioned idea of customer service. What millions of us do is borrow books from the local library. I would like to be able to continue that practice online. Just do it Steve. Just do it Jeff.


It is a balmy 60? here with the occasional drop falling randomly but nothing you could call real rain. Our plan is to try to set out tomato plants today and wet soil would be a problem.

I just had a sweet roll and am on the second cup of dark roast and am still in the mood for more to munch on. So what? I’ll just think about it and try to pass on the temptation. I haven’t read all the stuff in the paper yet and may not get into the more agonizing parts today. I feel like feeling good.

I haven’t decided wether to buy the Times when it begins to sell access again or look elsewhere for my news source. It used to be $90 a year I think. I pay that for my Mobil Me account that synchronizes everything between my iPod, iPhone, laptop and desktop. It also stores backups and other media that can be shared. It may be come free soon I am told. It is really fun to enter a date on the phone and it turns up on the desktop in 15 minutes. I love that part. Coffee is specially good this morning. I slept well. Just realized I still have my hat on from when I went out to get the paper which had not arrived at 7 AM!! Laziest paper guy I ever had. It’s for Ruth, and were it not for that I’d give it up and tell them why. Get the damned thing here in time for coffee or stuff it. I wouldn’t want the job but if you do it do it right. It’s so easy to criticize. My best thing, It would be really bad if not for the fact that I am usually right on nearly everything. It’s a burden to bear the responsibility gracefully.

I am in the mood to putter today. I don’t rule out the odd nap or two either. If this piece is any indication, there isn’t much purpose identified for the day yet. Why am I not worried about that? The umbrella is up on the deck and sitting there and quietly remembering, on this Memorial Day Eve, those who have gone on to wherever or whatever, and letting their lives meld into mine again, sounds like a good plan.

Be well and stay tuned.

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