Sometimes during the night, it rained. It was enough to collect in puddles and leave droplets still visible on the windows after I woke up. It feels like rain is yet to come.

I didn’t hear it rain. Even if I could hear I don’t think I would have heard it, having slept so soundly after fitfully sleeping the night before. I do miss hearing rain in the night. Having come of age in a rainy part of the country, I have many memories of rain at all times of day but particularly in the night.

At one time there was a window at the foot of my bed. When it rained – usually straight down with little wind – I would lie with my head near the window to hear more clearly as the drops landed on the leaves of the huge japonica which leaned against the house. Sometimes there would be thunder, which even in summer times, would seem reason enough to pull the sheet up over my shoulder.

I asked my audiologist about wearing my hearing aids ( they like to call them “instruments” ) during the night. He said it’s usually not a good idea. The “instruments”, he said, as well as your ears need to dry out. It’s like a swamp in there, he said. A little reality is a good thing, I suppose.

I remember falling to sleep with them in one night and being wakened by thunder. It was raining. It was nice. But I took them out, as I knew I should and turned them off and went to sleep in the silence of my disability. Silence is also good.

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