I was having this text conversation with my elder son out in West Texas and it want sort of like this:

Me: Great morning for porch sitting

Rick: Doing good. Bummed from too much yard work. Having coffee and watching dog

Me: I’ve got yard stuff to do too. Gerrrrrrr!

Rick: Yeah, it’s the side yard and ally today. Lots of rain. Then think I’ll make potato salad

Me: Good hot weather snack

Me Again: Wait a minute! This is Sunday. It’s a friggin day of rest.

Rick: Childhood influence – my daddy worked every Sunday

Me: Ha! Me Again: I’m sorry about that. It’ll never happen again.

Rick: That’s OK. God meant us to go out and appreciate the day but not in some exclusive clubhouse.

Me: Rest well son.

It’s good to be able to have these intimate in-depth chats with one’s children.

By The Way -?

I love the internet. So do millions of others. It belongs to us not the mega telecoms. Fight John McCain and his ilk who want to privatize it, install tiers, make every aspect of it a product to sell and brand it.

Oh excuse me, son # 2 just texted me, and he is cleaning gutters. Will it ever end?

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