Sixty years! This is one reunion I wish I could make. The 2000 miles that stand between me and Baton Rouge are not an insignificant deterrent to travel, but those miles are not the only barrier. It is simply not possible. I am, however, deeply moved by the occasion. It is enough to say, “I wish I could be with you this time”.

Thanks to Nelson, who keeps us all informed, I am reminded regularly of what was arguably the happiest time of my life. I have known, through the years, many for whom childhood and adolescence were pure hell seasoned with fear and pain. I often think of how lucky I was during those years of relative simplicity, safety and permission.

Oh, there were issues to deal with. My mouth for one. Runaway hormones for another. And the occasional bout of raw stupidity. How I got through all that alive and well has always appeared to be nothing less than miraculous. I thank you all for your support. Hmm, come to think of it, those are the same three things that have kept me in hot water all my life. Thankfully, the hormone part no longer poses a great threat.

I don’t remember being that social. And please forgive me, I don’t remember everyone. I should say, everyone’s face. My old annuals, which would help, have long fallen through the cracks of 27 moves and two divorces. I knew a lot of people but had only a few close friends. That principle holds even today. My guess that is pretty much true for most of us, specially as we grow older.

And . . . growing older is our gift. My primary physician looks at me with that no nonsense look of hers and tells me how lucky I am. We all are. And for that we are thankful.

Thank you all once more for your support during those critical years.

As you gather, love each other, say what’s so and live the day well.

Jerry Henderson

Me – Un-retouched


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