Well, I’ll be damned. I never thought I’d ever hear your voice again. Passing through, you say? To where? Vacation? Well, lots of folk do that here. We are Vacation Land, after all.

Where are you calling from? LL Beans? You could drop by here for a while – let me fix you a bite to eat, and you could spend the night, as well. We’re only five miles out of town from where you are now.

Well, no, I understand. I am kind of that way myself. I have a destination in mind I want to keep on the trail. I could make it worth your while, however. Good food and excellent booze. Heh Heh.

What? Doctor took you off of the booze? Change doctors. . . . .
Oh, I see. . . . I see. Well, that is too bad. I was joking of course. You need to take care of that.

So it’s just you and Darlene? That’s nice. Nice little romantic getaway?

Okay, just a getaway then. Heh Heh.

I am curious, after what – 50 years, how did you find my phone number? Bill? You in touch with Billy are you? Well, yes he comes up at least once a season and we have a good time with each other.

I stopped trying to find old boyhood chums a long time ago. I found it depressing, but that could just be my own problem. I drug up and left town and never returned. It didn’t occur to me at the time that I was leaving my entire childhood behind, but I suppose that’s what we all do at some level. I did it geographically. 2000 miles and 50 years makes intimacy just a tad difficult.

Yes. You got it. No, I am not in touch with too many of the old gang. Billy, of course. Louise? Yes. She married a cousin of mine you know and we have managed to be in touch for the past15 or so years. 

I do email another cousin now and then. I don’t even know where any of the others are these days. You move on, you know. I find it best not to hang around too much or too long in the past.

So, where are you all headed? Canada? Love it up there. Well, I wish you had the time to come by too. It would be good to see whose the fattest.

Ha! So you think you’re the champ in that category? Let me tell you, at our age we are just plain lucky no matter what body type we sport around.

Yeah, ain’t it the truth?

So you’re getting on the road now, huh?

Yes, my father used to say that. Got to make that good time when going somewhere. How far do you think you’ll get today? All the way to Moncton? That’s a good ways for a days work. And you were outside of Boston last night? Oh I see. So you flew to Logan and rented a car. That’s the way to go.

No, I never get down south anymore since all the old folks died. Listen to me. Whose calling who old?

Well, yes. I can imagine driving down after CA retires. Road trip, you know. I’d rather like that. Listen, I am so glad you called. Drive carefully and have a good time.

You too. . .

Bye now.

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