Big deal! We’ve had worse storms that were unannounced and did not rate one line in the papers. There was a little rain. Not a breath of wind. A candle would have survived. Lots of nervous anticipation and getting ready.  The air this morning is still and heavy and at least cooler at 70?. All in all, this was an ocean storm.

That bunch of motor mouths on the tabloid Weather Channel, with heads full of dental masterworks, fairly worked the Eastern Seaboard into a frenzy which, of course, is their intent. I’m not complaining about the weather. I just get so tired of the continuous “over the top” reporting, a’la blood and guts news, that passes for information. 

I read the National Weather Service on line. Not that what I do is best, but it is what I do. No emotional content. Just the facts, mam. It contains all the information you need without the patronizing attitude. Those Weather Channel bozos actually want us to think they are in the life saving business.

It’ll be a slow weekend around here. I’ll go for a walk. Cook down the fresh pasta sauce I made yesterday (talk about wonderful – and we are thankful for the harvest of great tomatoes). I’ll continue down the list of never ending chores here on the edge of the woods and read. God knows I love to read. Since the eyes got fixed, I can read all night it seems. This is both good and bad. I have to learn moderation. I can spell moderation. That’s about it.

Be well and stay tuned


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