I have been thinking about you lately and thought, wouldn’t it be nice to get together someplace for a visit. You could come here, of course, and we could sit on the deck like you always enjoyed, but it’s getting cooler and many afternoons it is just too windy and cool to enjoy a cup of coffee out there.  The seasons are wild this year, as you have probably heard. 

We could meet for breakfast at out favorite little diner.  You remember the one with the uneven flooring.  I drove by yesterday and you won’t believe this but it is closed until further notice. Lack of business I suppose. Another victim of this economic downturn.  

Then I remembered how we enjoyed that little eatery inside the book store we used to go to and I called to find out when the restaurant opened and got this message on the phone, “We’re sorry.  This bookstore is out of business, along with the little cafe you enjoyed so much.  Too many of you are buying books at giant book barns online and cutting our prices by half.  The rest are going totally digital.  How you stick a book marker in that is beyond us.  We asked our bank for a loan and they said they had no money after the bonuses were paid out.  So we’re sorry.  For a full detailed explanation go to our web site at www.blindbobsbooks.us“.

That broke my heart.  But, then I thought it would be fun to go for a hike to our favorite seaside trail.  So the other day while out looking for cheap gas I drove by the road that leads to the trail head and there was a road closed sign there.  Seems there is a bridge out and there is no money to fix it now.  

You know, all we want to do is visit each other.  It looks like the best bet is to meet at the mall food court and get a cup of coffee and one of those hand held things with pseudo sausage and a splash of powdered egg and find a seat somewhere and watch what’s left of the passing parade.  I hear the place is almost deserted these days.  You know how I hate crowds.  This might be the way to go.

It will be good to see you again.  I’ll wait for you in front of that expensive boutique coffee shop we used to laugh about.   It closed last month, but there’s a bench there that is usually empty.  I’ll be on it.

See you soon.


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  1. Down here, same story, different products, not books and coffee, rather ice cream shops. We have so few book stores around her to begin with, I often DO buy online. Add to that, many of the schools are buying or saving to buy Kindles, it is less expensive to purchase revised editions this way. Regarding ice cream, if ever there was a place one would imagine a market for ice cream, it would be here in FL. But, one by one ALL of the good ice cream shops have closed. Could be that one can purchase a gallon of ice cream and some sprinkles for what it cost to buy a sundae or milkshake.Interesting, hope you find a new breakfast place. . .Michelle

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