Many already know that Carol Ann, my partner in life, fell down some stairs Monday and tore up her left shoulder and upper arm.  She was operated on Wednesday morning and the surgeon successfully set things back in place and screwed them down.

She already shows signs of healing and mobility.  She can rest and manage fairly well with self maintenance tasks.  PT will begin after the 1st, while she is already doing some passive dangling pendulum movement from a bended position to keep the joint flexible as much as possible.  I am frankly amazed that she can do this after the agonizing pain she had in the beginning.

This has surely been a fast and furious week for us here on Elmwood Road.  Hope things slow down some, and I know they won’t.

Soon the carpenter will bring the facing lumber for new windows that I will paint, then the windows will come and then he will install them upstairs.  We hope for good weather for that.  All the while there will be some PT going on with CA and the usual pre-winter preparation around the house.  More on that below.

Only issue now is that CA has commandeered my couch – my favorite nap area – as it provides support for her shoulder leaning against the back while laying mostly on her right side.  I may have to resort to the actual bed for my naps.


In other matters, there is a pile of brush to chip and a larger pile of brush to burn later on.  Then there is the “final” grass cutting before end of season servicing of the lawn mower.  I’ll change oil, wipe it down sharpen the blades and charge the battery.

Every fall I say I am going to deal with the ell and the cellar and throw tons of useless stuff  away, but I never seem to get to it.  So this year I am just going to leave it alone and see if anything gets done.  Stranger things have happened.  I’m OK with stranger thing slowing down a bit but I am wise enough to know it isn’t any of my damned business.  Sometimes the strange things are the most fun.  Sometimes, they’re not.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.  Life goes on here.  

Time for the final cup of the day and the final rendering of the “To Do” list du jour.  I wonder if anyone cares that a lot of that list is carry over?

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