Most of the fiery maples are gone now.  Poplar and Ash.  But the later oaks and shrubs are coming into an unusual display of deep and misty hues.  I kept saying to myself, I’ve taken enough of these pictures.  Enough!  But just today on a brief trip to North Yarmouth, I was simply amazed – arrested – stopped in my tracks.  Out comes the iPhone and through the windshield again (a few water spots notwithstanding) as I drove home I found these scenes that I shall always remember as the brightest spot in an otherwise dreary afternoon.  Within a mile of the house mists were settling into the woods and the colors were softened and deepened in the fading light.  I hope you enjoy them.  JH


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  1. Just love these. Can hear leaves crunching underfoot. Can imagine the roadside fallen floating through the air as a car passes by. One could never get enough of such beauty.

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