I have counted 20 ready lights on various machines, appliances and devices within just a few feet of where I am sitting. For just one person, I think that would appear to be a high state of readiness. Bring it on. I am ready. But these lights do more than just indicate readiness.

On the darkest of nights they serve as navigational aids to guide me as I find my way to the bathroom and back. They provide some “night light” effect without being distracting, or too bright.

On first getting out of bed on my nocturnal perambulations, I see the blue light on my USB interface for my microphone that indicates I should take a hard 90? right hand turn for two steps. Then I look to my right to see led’s on the Airport Express and DVD player and Pre Amp. These beacons tell me to veer to the right about two degrees until the ready light on my telephone amplifier is directly on my right shoulder which tells me to take two steps and hang a hard left. At that point the ready light on the coffee pot eight feet ahead on the right tells me that that the door to the bathroom is right there. I usually hold up an arm as a bumper just incase I have miscalculated.

Occasionally I have woken to find no lights at all. Then I know the power is out and I am not ready at all. Nothing works and I need to get up and check the wood stoves and light lamps, find flashlights and check the generator. So even no ready lights constitute a readiness warning. How about that? Even unlit they serve.

I got to wondering about the power they consumed and wondered how much it costs to run them. I am told it is negligible. Of course the power company is who told me that. As in all things: consider the source.

It’s a shame we don’t have ready lights on ourselves. It would have been such a good touch if the Creator had had the forethought to add a tiny LED say, between the eyes, or on either temple. Or maybe on the tip of the nose.

Without getting too specific, I can think of numerous times when a lot of energy would have been “conserved” if, when I had cast an amorous eye toward the other side of the bed only to see NO ready light shining, I could have used the time for some good reading or perhaps much needed exercise, and felt better about myself.

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