What a lovely shirt Michelle sent to me. I love black. It deemphasizes my gut. A perfect Easter. A little chainsawing. A little reading. A little ham and cabbage. And presents! I even ate two peeps without any gastric difficulties. (So far) No hurry. The “use by date” on the box was the year 4025.

Happiness is a Peep in the mouth and one in the hand!

And just think. The day began with an omelette with SPAM on the side!!!

Jerry H – iPhone

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  1. Lookin’ good!The kids got a kick out of the intended slang of Chillin w/ my Peeps (Friends). As this is a common saying in our house. But you then put that on a T-shirt and send it along to a gent that is frequently in the company of two ladies and enjoys Peeps here and there, well one might have to say it was a perfect fit.Hope you had a Blessed Easter!Michelle

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