It happens every year. Why we persist in the fantasy that we can sneak by without an April snow dump is quiet testimony to the glimmer of that primal spark of hapless hope that seems to reside within our hearts. We need to get over it folks or move well south of the 45th parallel.

So as I “pen” these words, buckets of wet, clinging spring snow have already interrupted the power a time or two and knocked out the cable. We are big cable people here – which means no phone, TV, internet or customer satisfaction. The power did come back after the “blip” but, as I said, cable did not, as it is made, obviously, of flimsier stuff.

I mean, I hate to admit it – I’m actually ashamed to admit it: I need electricity and by extension cable to do the critical internet stuff I do. Did I say critical? Perhaps that’s an ill chosen word. I couldn’t care less about TV. I never watch daytime TV, so that’s not a problem. My cell phone can work sometimes without cable and my femtocell unit, which is hooked to it. I have a signal booster that works as long as there is power. You see, we live in a sort of cell signal “slough of despond” here. Three steps in any direction and there is a dependable signal.

Since I have been sitting here there have been several power blips and I have resigned myself to this scenario for the rest of the day. I have plenty to eat, drink and read so so I am fixed for the duration.

This just in:

I got a call a minute ago from my doctor to schedule an MRI on my head. There seems to be some curiosity as to its contents. I tried to tell them what my head of full of but they need some hard evidence. I will be sure to let you know what they find. You can check it against your own list.

The MRI is really to check on, or more exactly, eliminate the presence of something that could be causing a drop in the hearing in my left ear. The trouble I have been having with my hearing is understanding what people are saying. I hear them, but I can’t understand them. Now I need to decide if understanding what other people are saying is worth the inflated price of a new pair of hearing aids. I’m thinking.

I don’t think it is my hearing aids, and besides, the damned things are so expensive they ought to last for frigging ever. Anyway, my audiologist, who is this really nice guy, wanted me to wear these new “gee whiz” demos for a while (a pair of the real things run close to $5000) while he hustles off to Augusta for the Masters this week. Well, (wink – wink) you think there is any connection between the Masters in Augusta and a $5000 pair of hearing aids? Just askin’.

So about now, I need a fresh infusion of darkroast. I have hung out the filled bird feeders and will trudge out to get the paper in a bit. All fires are stoked. There is a bit of shoveling to do. I haven’t made my bed yet. Hmm, the ideas are abounding.

Be well and stay tuned. GBH

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