What do the receptors on my retina do

when there are no rainbow hues to stimulate them 

Do they relax in some lounge behind my eyes
and talk about those shameful reds and unspeakable yellows
while all the while secretly yearning to couple with them
in some orgiastic explosion of retinal pleasure

The universe today is gray and occasionally black
but who notices the difference, really
A fog drifted in today to hide the margins
between up and down, east and west
A blessing, I suppose, except for us
who seem to want to notice the difference

I remember color
A box of crayons
A bag of marbles
A western sunset
A face full of crocus
A meeting with Van Gogh’s Starry Night

That’s the problem with April
She holds assignations with stormy January
while dreaming of running off with sunny June – Fickle bitch
Too much gray can possibly elevate cholesterol,
bring on dementia, and a rash on the hands
or perhaps reveal deeper meaning where none exists

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