The Rapture: a fantasy bassed on the most phantasmagoric of all religious scriptural references, and espoused mostly by fringe Baptist types, deserves little of our energy.  If some wild ass minor sect nut case has a lock on eschatological time, then we might as well all gather up and go out with some mind numbing activity such as Dancing With The Stars!  Well, maybe a little high test Bombay as well. You never know how long TV will last at the time, and a dependable back-up would be a good idea. 

But wait it didn’t happen.  A miscalculation?  A phony algorithm?  A wild eyed nut case?  Or possibly all of the above.

All this got me to thinking about what the world would be like without religion. The first thing that came to mind was PEACE.  However, there would have to be some way to rid the world of the crazies as well. Even I know that is not going to happen.  Have you ever noticed that a high percentage of the crazies have a religious connection?  We will have crazies, stupid-o’s, jerks. and megalomaniacs as long as the sun shines.  Wait!  The sun isn’t shining.  Do you think . . . . Nah.  We couldn’t be that lucky.

Well, what I have found out is that all the finest people I have ever known are still here.  If there is a heaven, and that has yet to be demonstrated, then surely we all are candidates.  The only conclusion I can come up with is that we are there.  Think about it.  How comfortable would you be in a life without any conflict at all?  It would take at least half an eternity for me to get used to such a fantasy.  Such a scenario does imply a world without lawyers, however.  Oh well, there may be some hope after all.

As I have stated, I could do without religion.  I could do without murder and mayhem.  I could do without greed and Republicans, as well as those jerks who think they own the left lane all the time.  But I would always be worried about having fresh vegetables, dry stove wood, a good bed and high speed internet.

It’s a complicated issue.  I don’t have any answers.  The world as we know it will, no doubt. end, by and by.  There will be a cosmological explanation for it, it seems to me.  Some galactic missile the size of Australia will plough into the upper east side of Manhattan and it will be curtains for the earth in a few hours.   All this may, in fact, come after we have poisoned the planet and died off by our own hand.  If not we will be swept up, in the twinkling of an eye into the firmament on the wings of the Archangel Cataclysm.

My god, but this sounds cinematic.  I think I’ll pitch the idea to Seven Spielberg.

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