The Summer Solstice often passed without much notice. It’s the first official day of summer. It is the longest period of daylight in the year. For us Druids, that a big deal. This time it was clear skies and almost perfect temperatures. Dry, cool, but not cold air. That kind that those souls enjoy who live in Nirvana, or heaven. or Pownal, Maine.

It was nearing the 9 PM hour and I decided to take a stroll around outside and see the last rays of the day as they faded into a purple evening and bed time. There was so much light I felt wonderfully blessed.

I made a few iPhone photos and have included them here without much comment, as an ode to the light we have when we have it, and a sharing with friends.


The first thing I saw were these “Stars of Gold” (Stella d’Oro). I love them dearly. Their common beauty sets the standard for those expensive hybrids ordered from White’s.


These tiny beauties defy description. Enough said.


The alluring “outback”. It won’t be long until the critters invade this area.


This oriental willow came home in the trunk of my car 5 or 6 years ago. In the near dark, it glows at 15 feet. It’s getting out of hand. Not!


The garden gate. I always wanted to have a reason to say that.


Our play pen. It’s getting there. Yes – that’s a purple pyramid. It makes great beans. Deal with it.


Honeysuckle. I can remember the aroma of the southern kind that could be detected a block away. These Northern types rely entirely on their beauty.


Not to be outdone, these volunteers are ready to stand against anyone. What is more perfect?


Time to go inside and have a cup of tea. Almost a shame to do so, considering that the days light now will be diminishing, I think to the tune of about 4 minutes a day until that dark night in December when darkness holds us in it’s cold grip.


A garden heart. I mean, what’s a garden without a heart? Be well and stay tuned.

Jerry Henderson

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  1. Enjoyed seeing the garden, woods, yard. We have been commenting how late it is when it gets dark. Last night we were out 9pm watching a cloud to cloud lightning show in the east w/ reflecting reds from the western sunset. Should have grabbed the camera, as you did.We just planted a hedge, outfront, of Honeysuckle, his spring, it is Orange, is yours too? Yours looks pink, but could be sunsetting reflection. It is wonderfully unfussy, brightly colored with a mass of greenery, and yes smell like a pinch of heaven, that is how we picked it out in the nursery, we were drawn to it by smell. Thx for sharing!

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