It is now dusky evening time after a brief summer shower. The air is heavy and pleasant. Not oppressive at all. But. of course, I grew up in this soup and can handle it joyfully while my neighbors and loved ones are dropping like flies. (I want to say, “Get over it!”, but I don’t. Is that wisdom?)

I did not run in a race, watch a procession of fire trucks, or brave any crowds. Nor, as darkness falls, will I watch fireworks. I was blessed with a complete absence of politicians on my Independence Day. Nothing they say is actually revolutionary anyway. Posturing, pouting, pointing the accusatory finger. In other words it has been a wonderful day. I even forewent the treadmill and dumbbells.

We had hotdogs and beer! Sam Adams Boston Lagger! How patriotic can one man be? I did augment it with Cajun Coleslaw. Now that’s patriotism. I guarantee!

As the day draws to a close these thoughts move me. Forgive me if I rant. May the children among us live in freedom, liberty and justice. May they have government that represents real people, not only rich people – struggling families, not only corporations – and may our children come to see our government expend as many resources solving homeland issues as it does in seeking to democratize people who can’t even conceive of it’s meaning, and couldn’t care less.

Get a grip America! We The People are your best bet for the future. Spend those billions at home. Money? Don’t let the gloom and doom bunch sway you. There is money. It’s being squandered all over the world. Squander it at home. The big lie is that we can’t afford things like medical care and social security. We can’t afford NOT to afford them.

Shake them up, America. Put regulators back in the banks. You know banks. Those folk who make money every day on your deposits, and precipitate an historical financial meltdown, and then pay you a shadow of a precent on your savings. Shake them up America! Begin with congress and outward to all the state legislatures. Shake them up. Shake them up, America.

By God, We are the People!

Happy 4th!

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