It’s been two weeks since Ruth died. We still yo-yo between relief that her pain and discomfort is over and missing her sorely in our daily lives. The sweetest pain is when both emotions press down at once. And yes, this too shall pass.

I’ve just finished my second cup of the morning. Early sunlight is moving across the room from my northeast window. Soon direct sunlight will not reach that window. Alas! The sun doesn’t move. It’s us – the earth – that wobbles. I have always liked that part.

According to reports, Republicans still believe that making rich people richer will lift the poor out of poverty. This tooth fairy politics could very well push this nation into ruin. And if you believe there has been no inflation in the past two years, then you must be the brainless idiot who decided that my social security cost of living increase was unnecessary again. You think there is something in the water in DC?

We’re in a drought. I have to water the essentials daily. If my tomatoes make, I’ll have bounty. So far so good. I don’t water lawn. HeHe. It’s stopped growing. HeHe. I can’t stop laughing. I started my lawnmower the other day just to make sure it worked.

OK, it’s time for cup # 3. Maybe just a bite of leftover potato salad. Something uncommonly good about having a bite of leftover potato salad at such an “off” hour of the day. Not quite decadent but headed that way.

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