Well, it’s spitting a little snow. It’s the first of the season. Ordinarily, this would be an occasion for joy and celebration – new snow being the thing of beauty and marvel that it is. But this is different. The ground is not frozen. It’s not cold enough. It’s going to be a royal mess.

The National Weather service warns of heavy wet snow in large amounts falling on trees still laden with leaves which will hold an unusual amount of the sticky stuff and likely cause limbs and whole trees to fall across roads and power lines. For those of us who are lovers of electricity and free access, this portends trouble, or at least inconvenience. I just hate inconvenience.

Of course, it may all be overblown and turn out to be a false alarm. Not likely. I have the generator all gassed up and ready. I even toped off the VW with overpriced diesel. I have extra water and a supply of other necessities that could be, ah, necessary. Plenty of wood laid in. If readiness counts for anything, I am there.

I even have a couple of books on hand. I am half done with one by one of those “machine” authors who have a stable of writers who can clone his stuff as good as he can. I can’t believe I’m admitting this. This one is about a husband and wife team who are financially independent to an absurd degree. Who search the world over for terribly interesting objects which are always being sought at the same time by the most ugly of bad guys. They have the inexplicable ability to know just the right person in any remote part of the world who is unbelievably always ready to do the most impossible things to rescue them from certain peril.

I am impressed by their sophomoric bantering in the face of the kind of danger that would make me reach for the Kaopectate. It is so bizarre that it is entertaining. Mindless for sure. Maybe that is the quality that holds me to the story, if that is actually what it is. Oh well, sometimes the mind needs to be indulged with a touch of, well, mindlessness. Just the thing on a stormy night. Stay tuned.

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