Well, things in Maine go well. The usual suspects, of course. Cold but no snow. Wind but no rain. Sunshine but no warmth.

When I lived in Corpus Christi, I was fortunate to be able to do a fair amount of sailing. CC Bay is about 12 miles across and more than that long and relatively shallow, which encouraged a brisk chop which was a thrill to play with. Now and then what started out to be a vigorous sail was stricken by the deadly doldrums. Calm. I feel as though I am in such a doldrum period. Nothing seems in sync. There is little movement. This is my personal assessment and not to be considered as applying to everyone here. I am simply not a fanboy of the Christmas season. I play the game well and usually do not cause any interruption in the festivities but deep down I am not a Christmas boy.

Frankly, I think Ruth’s birthday in a couple of days, and all those spaces she once occupied, and the lack of all the visiting family has something to do with how I am feeling about it all. No big mystery there.

Oh, we mounted the Xmas tree today. We mailed off gifts to the lower 47. CA has decorated every available space with some pine cone, pine bough or figurine that yells at the top of it’s voice IT’S CHRISTMAS!

Things will fall into place and we will get passed this season of mythologizing and commercializing and then it will be January which never has disappointed anyone’s image of what a Maine winter should be.

I have friends who flee into the warm folds of Ft. Myers, Boca Grande and Key West about now. I make a lot of fun of them and secretly would love to be able to indulge myself with such sybaritic adventures. I could take the heat. CA could not, of course. But I was born to it.

There is this cute, completely irrelevant, little joke about this little kid sitting on the toilet for a little longer than normal and his mother finally asked him if he was alright. He said he was just fine. Then she noticed that now and then he would bang himself on the top of the head. When his mother asked about it he said that it seemed to work for ketchup fairly well. I’m anxious to see if that works.

What a Christmas gift that would be.

Be well and stay tuned my friends.

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