Pretty raw outside this morning.  Didn’t get much better throughout the day.  Low single numbers early and around 20 for the sweltering high.

It was the first time I felt the cold getting “next” to me this season.  Walking through the connecting “el” between my place and the big house feels like I had just stepped out onto the polar icecap – if it is still there.  Thankfully, my little Waterford box heats this place up to a toasty level quickly.  

Got a few errands to run today, and maybe a visit to my barber for my monthly trim.  He is so much better at it than I am. 

CA just logged onto Jet Blue’s site to get her tickets to Florida in March and I shall do the same thing on Amtrak soon.  It seems that this will allow me to see old friends who live near in the central Florida area – my terminus being Orlando.

Riding the train is an unknown to me.  I did it probably 50 years ago – Baton Rouge to Fort Worth.  I remember sitting in a switching yard in Shreveport for what seemed like half a day.  Funny how that is the only thing I remember clearly about that trip.  I hope this is different.  I am told it is.  It is a long trip but there are some amenities – like a dining car and a bar.  And I can make it with only one change.  Boston to NYC Penn. and then from there to Orlando.  I’ll take the bus to Boston and be picked up in Orlando. The second leg is the long one, overnight.  I looked into a roomette.  I could stay at the Ritz for that much.  Maybe some other time.  The short story is: I am kind off excited about the whole thing.

I’m even having some fun thinking of packing really light and over the week washing a couple of things.  So, what shall it be?  A small soft bag and laptop shoulder bag?  Or a backpack that would hold my computer and some unmentionables and a small shoulder bag for the rest?  Right now, I favor the second option.  Definitely not a suitcase.

I wonder – – – could I do it with only the backpack?  Hmm.  The challenge is invigorating.  It could be a world class growth experience.  Mercy, I thought I was done with that stuff.  But if it makes me a better person – Hmm.  

Hmm, I say.

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