Some time ago I mentioned that my new Levi jeans would not be washed, if not forever, at least for a long time. Well, they got washed anyway and no harm was done. What’s a firm resolve without a little soft yielding anyway?

So I was cruising around and ran across this blurb about a famous outfit, makers of must-have jeans in the one to two hundred plus dollar range. Now if you need to spend two and a half bucks for your butt hugging pants ( and I will concede that I have seen a few butts that could stand a little hugging ) then just go for it. But apparently these folks do offer pricy jeans for that special person who can drop $250 for their feel good pants. Cheaper than a series of visits to your neighborhood shrink, to be sure.

These people have raised the bar yet again by offering scented jeans in fragrances like apple, banana, eucalyptus and grapefruit. Wait – grapefruit? One has to wonder how many washings such jeans can survive and still smell like you just spilled your salad on them. I mean, raspberry?

I think I’ll go with neutral denim for less than $50 and hope for natural environmental aromas. You know, as in sitting on an ice cream cone, or actually spilling salad in my lap.

After wearing mine for a couple of months and deciding to wash them, I ran the old schnozola test. I bunched them up and sniffed them before and after the Tide treatment. I could not detect a remarkable difference.

There is this one disclaimer that I must mention. I can’t smell much anymore anyway. One of the side benefits of outliving your olfactory membranes.

Anyway, I’m not worried. I don’t remember anyone ever trying to sniff my jeans. OK, there was this dog. Her name was Daisy.

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