Dear Sunshine Friend

I woke up this morning to three inches of new snow, which should be no surprise here in New England where March and April – oh that bitch April – simply can not be trusted with any serious thoughts of bone healing warmth. Oh, we have had some warmth. We reveled in it while keeping a cocked eye to the North for what was bound to come. No one in Maine seriously bets on spring. Well, I guess I’d have to confess to putting a few pennies at risk from time to time. You never know.

While I shoveled off the deck and hung out feeders for the early finches I saw you in my mind’s eye walking Sophie out beneath those towering moss draped oaks on the water’s edge, poopie bag in your belt. It can’t be too difficult a task, in short pants and sandals, a brace of those elegant Sand Hill Cranes on patrol near by. I suppose there will be coffee by the pool and perhaps a ball game somewhere this afternoon – hotdog and beer in the sunshine.

Don’t worry about us here. We’ll be stoking the fires and keeping the walkways clear in case you come by. After all there has to be a credible Yin for there to be a workable Yang. While you coffee by the pool, I’ll put another log on the fire. There’s a rhyme there somewhere.

Be well and stay tuned.


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