This is spicy and tasty with lots of room for your imagination. 

1 can of black beans. You can drain them or not. I prefer not, but that is personal.

1 bottle/can of salsa. Mild, medium or hot. Suit yourself. Don’t skimp.

3 small boneless chicken breasts (or 2 large.) Washed not cooked. You can also use chicken tenders which seem to be everywhere these days. I think it helps to flatten plump pieces so they cook more evenly.


Put the beans in the bottom of an oven proof pan or casserole. Lay the chicken on top of that. Spread the salsa on top of that. Place this in the middle of a 350? pre-heated oven and bake until done, about 35 minutes. You can make sure of doneness by slicing through a thick part of the chicken and looking. It can be juicy but not pink.

With about five minutes left to doneness, sprinkle a liberal amount of shredded cheddar, jack or whatever cheese or combination of cheeses you like over the top and melt thoroughly. You can even buy a package of shredded Mexican Blend cheese, whatever that is. I tried it. Not bad.

This is a great low cal but tasty meal.  But if you don’t care about that kind of thing, keep reading.

This goes good with a tasty beer or if you’re feeling lucky, a margarita, straight up, and maybe a tortilla – flour or corn. If you like sour cream, here’s a good place to use it. You can serve it on a corn tortilla. I’ve even considered cooking it on a bed of corn tortillas. There’s little you can do to mess this up.


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