• It was a stupid thing to do: staying awake reading this really good spy thing by Daniel Silva.  When I saw it was 2 AM, I knew I had crossed over the line and would pay for it the next day.  That would be today.  So far so good on 5 hours of sound sleep.  I will be visiting the coffee bar regularly.  Sunshine would be good for a change.
  • If it is still too wet to plow (plant) I understand that there is a golf tournament on this afternoon.  You have to wonder about that whole thing.  A few dozen guys chasing a million dollars.  I used to play once or twice a week back in the ’60’s.  Never was any good.  Spent more time in the “other” fairway than in my own.  But now and then I’d do it right and hit it straight and long.  I think about trying to swing a club again, but with my shoulders and back, it probably would be a 911 situation.
  • I look forward to this moment every day, that early time alone with a cup of darkroast and my laptop.  I scribble about on my blog, write a few emails and the occasional snail mail to the one or two Neanderthals on my list.  My brother, for instance, can’t see using a computer at all.  I tell him how much fun it would be to stay in touch and even look at each other and talk at the same time.  He wonders why we would want to do that.  Come to think of it, so do I.
  • I think it’s called selective observation – but I think it’s getting darker.
  • I might have to dream up some reason to get out and run an errand today.  I do need some printer paper and those small #10 staples I like to use.  Certainly seems logical that I go out for those essential items today.
  • As I think about it, it seems that I am avoiding the hard stuff like really deep cleaning my kitchen or hauling a load of useless garbage to the dump or even stacking wood.  I just hate it when I start thinking reasonably.
  • My ears play tricks on me all the time, but if I didn’t know better, I’d say I just heard thunder.  I think I need more coffee.

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  1. A good book, in the middle of the night is a wonderful adventure. Hard to then deal with the day after. Coffee on such days does become an essential rather than a luxury. Considering what you said regarding golfing, does putt putt count? For you beat the pants off of all of us and CA, so that means, well, lets not mention what that means for the skills in this household, rather, lets just look at your skills as pro-like, so we then do not have to consider how sad our performance was. LOL. BTW- Like the new look:)-M

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