We were going to look for plants. It’s that time of year. If one drives west of here one is doomed (smiling) to driving on very secondary roads. In Maine we’re talking 99% of our roads. If we are going to Auburn, Minot, Mechanic Falls you have some of the loveliest of the secondary roadways anywhere. Twisty turny, up and down.

At this particular time of year when the multi hued greens are coming on, it is a special joy. The road doesn’t seem like the familiar road I know. It looks like a different road altogether, I said. Do I turn here or is our turn further on? This is the conversation in the car as we are coming home from a wonderful greenhouse tucked away down a lane and up a hill about half a mile off a Number 1, first class secondary road.

One of my sons was visiting a few years back and we were driving down this very same road and after a long period of silence, he asked, “Dad – are there any straight and level roads in Maine?” Poor boy was born in Texas and has never found the escape hatch. I tried to show the way, but to no avail.

There is a side benefit to driving in the country at this season: Roadside stands are breaking out all over. Don’t drive by too quick. Stop and browse. Take a few things home. But most importantly, look at – take in this lovely and ephemeral season while you can. It’s show is more subtile than the fall demonstration, but none the less beautiful. Oh, and do stay on your side of the road.

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