The High Park fire just west of Ft. Collins, Colorado, has been in every news cast for a week.  An old friend of mine who used to live in So. Bristol, now lives there as well as her mother, her daughter, and her family.  I have, of course, been in contact with her and receiving almost daily updates on the progress of the blaze and how it is affecting life in the midst of and on the margins of that disaster.

When I opened my eyes this morning the first thing I thought of was the email I got late last night from Anne, my friend, telling me that her daughter’s home, located in the foothills of the front range west of town, was still standing,  For several days now, the fire had been moving relentlessly toward settled areas around Bellvue, the town between the mountains and Ft. Collins.  No one had been able to get up the road to check on the structures because it is literally on fire.  Finally one of the fire fighters who also lived in that area was able to check on the houses and found them untouched so far but with the terrain around them scorched.

Anne has a friend from Bellvue staying with her in “refugee” status along with her dogs.  Anne’s former house which is in the process of being sold, is also in Bellvue and in a potential path of the fire storm should the wind shift.  Tension has been high for days now and exhaustion has become the lingua franca of the region.

Doris, the woman staying with Anne, suggested, upon hearing the good news, that she take them out to dinner and try out a new restaurant in town that has had some good reviews.  When they got there they found the dining room full.  The following is a cut and paste of what Anne wrote about that.  

Got there and the place was jammed and the waitress asked if we’d eat outside (yes we would) and were we evacuated from the fire? Doris told the waitress that she’d been evacuated and she and her dogs were staying with me which is why she was taking me out to dinner.

We were seated outside and given a short menu for evacuees. The menu stated that the dessert was donated from one shop; the salads from another; the fish from another. We had a fabulous meal and Doris whipped out her credit card and our waiter said no, it was free. Even Doris’s glass of wine!!  He wouldn’t even take a tip! We both cried.

I have lived in areas frequented by killer hurricanes, tornados, floods and mosquitoes.  Never felt threatened by fire.  I am sincerely not being boastful, just thankful.  So the next time you hear me complain about the cold, black flies or mud, just tell me to shut up and count my blessings.


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  1. Thxs for sharing, will hold these friends of yours in my prayers. What an uplifting bit of news for such a sad situation. Love-M

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