I am guilty – caught red-handed playing solitaire on my computer. I have a self righteous friend who sort of makes fun of me for doing this while he watches third rate movies on his iPad.

In my defense, I am able to think while doing this seemingly mindless exercise. So, I rather see it as a meditative experience. My mind is often somewhere else or at least open to other things while trying to retire the tableau to the aces in ascending order.

I have favorite games of solitaire. Mostly I gravitate toward the simple kind that are truly played mindlessly. Others, like the fan games take a little paying attention or I’d be there all day. I like to win, so I find those games that are winnable to be the ones I play most. I suppose you could say that winning at solitaire sort of bolsters my spirits, reminding me that my mind is still working at some level and that I am, after all, a winner.

When I do win at one of these games the program goes into a rousing round of canned applause which always brings a smile to my face. Sometimes I enthusiastically respond and say, “Thank you! Thank you very much!”, as the sound of the clapping fades away. There is nothing like being appreciated.

I mean, these days it’s so easy to feel that the Great Universe has dropped a big stinky one on top of your head. A rousing game of solitaire can be a cheap fix for the temporary blahs or perhaps become a focus point for the mind to clean up and slow down to make room for deeper, more meaningful work. And of course, you never know – you could win!

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Thank you! Thank you very much.

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