They say it could be worse, and I’d have to agree. However, having the 4th confirmed reservation to fly home canceled is somewhat distressing.

I am writing this from a Holiday Express in Oldsmar, not far from where we were staying, and out of the range of kitty dander. I had made it though a full eight days without much trouble. Then, I began to fog up and have some trouble breathing – wheezing and coughing. It was decided to move, and in so doing hopefully help me avoid the ER, and secondly let Michelle and Michael have some much needed time with those two newly adopted Ethiopian kids without us there absorbing energy needed elsewhere.

The kids are Adeline (Adi) and Lucas. 5+ and 3 years. They are delightful children, sister and brother, who have fallen into a life they could never have imagined. There is a long way to go, and much of it is up hill. They have two wonderful parents dedicated to them with a dedication that reaches far back in their relationship.

We were scheduled to fly home on Monday when Sandy intervened. We rescheduled to a much earlier flight on Monday thinking we could sneak in before the door shut. Flight canceled. Then we made what we considered a cinch reseveration for Wednesday and that was scratched as well late Tuesday. Now we have the next slot: Saturday at 6 AM! We are still playing airline roulette with no success.

So, it is what it is. I guess we could be home without power and stoking the fires (and yes that is exactly what I would prefer) but here we are in sunshine instead.

We have been walking for a hour each day and enjoying that highly appreciated perk of the deep south in a gated community. I could get used to that. Reading in the sun by the pool is the high point of the committed sybarite. No, I wouldn’t like that every day but the option would be nice.

Then I am reminded of you who have been through a real storm and actual power outages. I am reminded of thousands who have lost everything and are suffering indescribable hardships. I have had you on my mind. Well, there have been a few moments when I was toping off my glass, when I must confess, there was a brief lapse in the thinking-of-others-first thing. But it’s the truth – I have been concerned that everyone is well and nearing Normal Harbor after the storm. For too many it will be as though the tide is running against them.

Obviously, except for the asthma/allergy crisis, we have had it easy. So we have to bunk up in a nice hotel for three days. Don’t feel sorry for us. And, of course, there is no place like home. What else can I say?

Be well and stay tuned.

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  1. First, thank you for instructing me on the use of my Mac. I was unable to bring up your blog, three "e"s in the address, by eliminating one of them, guess what, up it came. Common sense, he says, thats how it works. Thank you my dear friend for the advice and blog. Glad you are back. Look forward to seeing you and CA.Grant

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