Springtime in VacationLand?  41? and foggy above leftover snow.  Been raining some. Can winter be only half over?  Hot Community Darkroast at my elbow.  Brings back memories of the early days of my addiction. It’s an extraordinarily gray, dark, dank and dreary day.  That’s a G and three D’s.  I’ll have to make a special effort toward the more cheery side of life today.  I guess I could turn a light on.  Cooking something could help.  Eating something, the one-stop cure for everything, could and probably will be the answer.  I have this great cauliflower recipe.  Some kind of Indian thing called aloo gobi masala, with potatoes and tomatoes and curry.  Of course, I could just re-engage our on-going task of cleaning up the collected clutter of decades and hauling it to the dump, um, that would be transfer station.  Transfer to where, I wonder.  Ever notice how the point these days is to name things according to function rather than what it’s actually used for?  I dump, they transfer.  I remember the good old days, standing in the bed of my old ’68 Dodge D-100 raking out the week’s collected garbage, junk and yard litter, listening to the gulls and chatting up my neighbors.  Those were the days.  Of course there was the smell.  I wonder – is it actually possible to meditate in January?

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