From time to time I make a pot of chili. Chili is not something you want to eat every day. Not, of course, unless you are masochistic or need a de-worming treatment. I really do not understand anyone who can’t enjoy a bowl of red from time to time, and take it hot and spicy. I know – I know: this is New England and the palette is somewhat more refined and sensitive. Think: uneducated. Think: provincial. Think: unadventurous. OK, OK, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. It won’t happen again.

As Nemo approached our little enclave of tranquility, I began to think of food. I mean why not? It needed to be something I could make ahead of time incase the lights went out, and I would have bet money on it with 50 MPH winds in he forecast.

I had just purchased a few red potatoes and felt that if there was a bowl of my famous red potato salad in the fridge I could survive as long as a full day on that alone. So I did that and stashed it in the bottom of the fridge – and forgot it. In the meantime CA became stranded in Auburn where she is a hospice nurse and couldn’t come home Saturday morning as scheduled and had to bunk up at the Hospice House in room # 7, and then do another shift Saturday night. This meant I am alone for supper on a Saturday night. Don’t worry – it’s not the first time.

So anyway, as I was getting a couple of cubes for my “first one tonight” I noticed a tub of frozen Border chili sitting there in the freezer. I say, “Wow, I believe that’s what’s for dinner!”  Well, if I am going to have chili – and I remembered that batch as being specially zippy – I felt that there should be a pan of jalapeño cornbread just to maintain a sense of harmony. And it could be made ahead of time. The chili could be heated on the wood stove if necessary. I’m all set.

Then I remembered the bowl of red potato salad in the bottom of the fridge and was suddenly struck with the realization that I was about to put on the table three of the world’s most valued foods. Border chili, ( any border will do ) Jalapeño Cornbread and red potato salad.

Now, folks, I can just hear the naysayers in chorus decrying such a combination but I can tell you that unless you have tried it keep quiet and dig in first. Obviously cornbread and chili are a natural pair, but cornbread and red potato salad go together well. So, if the cornbread and red potato salad go together and the cornbread and chili go together, wouldn’t it be logical that the chili and red potato salad are suited to each other as well? Of course. Any rational mind can see this. And besides, the potato salad serves to cool down the “bite” for the more sensitive tongue.

Suddenly, a snow bound Saturday night was alive and taking nourishment.

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