We live too far apart these days. I have friends and family who live from coast to coast. There was a time when everybody I knew lived within walking distance. People I knew “about” might have lived somewhere else, like movie stars, criminals and politicians. But anybody I actually knew lived over on Tecumseh or Wyandotte streets. Maybe as far away as Powhatan. We were big on Indian names.

I always dreamed about being somewhere else, but I never dreamed everybody would be somewhere else. If a friend was sick and I wanted to visit I’d have to float a loan to buy an airplane ticket for tomorrow’s ride. Used to be I’d walk over and say “Hi”.

We live too far apart. A different paradigm needs to be employed when thinking of ways to manage relationships that span thousands of miles.

The first principle is: you can’t always be there. This has nothing to do with caring or loving. It has to do with the practical. It just isn’t practical to be there sometimes. The elements involved here are almost too many to number. Number 1 would be money, of course. The costs of travel these days is huge. There are many other elements to consider and I am sure you can figure it out.

The second principle is: something is better than nothing. So you can’t be there for your friend. Call or email or do a video call on Skype. There are ways to “be there” these days that were not even conceived a few short years ago. ¬†Goodness – ¬†you could even wright a letter, you know, on paper!

Friendship is the big thing in life. Nothing tops it. You have a friend you are golden. Keep up your end of the bargain. Don’t wait for the call. Be proactive. Call. Write. Email. Stay tuned. The energy you invest in a friendship is never wasted.

Sometimes your friend might seem not to be interested. They don’t call or write. If you value their friendship you be responsible. You handle your end and know you have been faithful to the relationship. What they do is their business. What you do is yours.

We live too far apart. It takes extra effort. Do it.

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