There was a time when we would have walked up here, but that was then and this is now. CA and I drove to the summit of Mt. Battie, above Camden Harbor on a cold, misty and largely miserable day. But, hey, any day out of doors in this wonderful state of Maine is a good thing. It’s what God made rain coats for.

Here I am looking for the town, somewhere below. Finally we realized that it would not become more beautiful even with the sun shining. I mean, this is so beautiful it is almost ( and I swear you to secrecy ) spiritual.

There is a real reason for us being here. My partner in life, Carol Ann, was 69 on the day she made this photograph. This is a birthday trip. A day out and about. A world class breakfast at Mae’s in Bath, to begin with, including lobster Benedict and a reprise visit, in Camden, to the Waterfront for dinner. It would be hard to top this for us on this night. We even – and keep this under your hat – got a motel room.

We wore rain coats the entire time we were there. There was no letup until – of course – the moment we left. We took a few pictures. Here is Camden falls in panorama. No blue sky. Just moody harbor light.

The harbor was full of boats in various stages of getting ready for the season. Schooners, sloops, yawls, ketches and dories. Rigging seemed to be everywhere. “Now where does this rope, uh, I mean halyard go?”

Mid-afternoon is coffee time. Here at Zoot’s we are having a cup of made to order coffee in a quiet and comfortable place on the main street. The window is fogged because of the steam from the espresso/cappuccino machine, which makes each cup, no matter what the style. It’s a cool spot with free Wi-Fi. Don’t miss it.

Just in case you missed the point in all this, it is this:

I am a lucky man.

Be well and stay tuned —

Jerry Henderson

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