A few years ago, I began keeping a list of books I’ve read so I would not forget that I had read them. I have been known to pick up a volume at the library that, after a chapter or two, I realized I had read before.

I think it is an inherited disease. I still have trouble keeping the list! A list for anything is no better than the will to keep it current.

Along comes mobile devices that can hold dozens of apps! Little programs that do wondrous things for you for almost nothing. Problem is YOU must use it – work it – make it work. These apps and devices are tools. That’s all they are.

It reminded me of when I was training for my private pilot’s license. John, my instructor and I were practicing landings by doing touch and goes at the airport. We would circle the pattern and land and take off immediately and do it again and again for an hour or so. On this particular day, I seemed intent on driving the wheel struts up through the wings with rough landings until, finally John yelled for me to drive the airplane and stop thinking it was going to land itself. I was never so frustrated. Well, there was a time or two in my second marriage. . . .

That’s the thing – there are hundreds of helpful apps out there but for them to be helpful you must “work” them. I was doing great until one day I decided I’d post a book I had read or listened to later. Then it was tomorrow, and then the next day. The result was that I ordered an audio book that I had already purchased. Thankfully I was able to return it, but you see my point.

I have this wonderful digital calendar with all the birthdays and anniversaries of all my friends and relatives noted. I said to myself – now I can remember all these important dates. Guess what? I don’t. Why? I don’t look at the calendar or even pay attention when this buzzer goes off telling me in big bold letters that tomorrow is the birthday of someone I love and cherish.

I always wanted to be thought of as thoughtful. ( Interesting sentence, that) I do think of others, all the time, but often not on the important dates in THIER lives. I’m working on it. It just never was a big thing my family.

I now have this new program that consists of a computer app along with a microscopic chip that you swallow. It’s embedded in a cracker – and it somehow settles in your brain. Amazing technology. The cracker comes in original, garden medley, sun-dried tomato and Cajun. On your computer, you tell it what birthdays and anniversaries you want to remember and the chip in your brain produces an overwhelming and irresistible urge to go to a greeting card store. I have written the company to suggest a warning about the consumption of alcohol which seems to short circuit the brain chip. No surprise there. They’ve promised a firmware upgrade soon.

Overwhelming and irresistible urge – hmm, I hope I remember what that feels like.

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