The winter solstice is such a wonderful turning point in the geophysical calendar of events. From now on, light increases until there are only a few hours of real darkness left. This phenomenon along with the northern tides have been the most stimulating occurrences I have encountered living in Maine. Well, I suppose one could call sub zero blowing winds out of the Arctic stimulating. Maybe numbing is a better word.

These two events – the seasonal shift and the tidal flow, serve to keep us tuned into the actual working of our solar system – forces greater than our puny desires and fears. The moon’s gravitational pull on the ocean’s mass of water and the wobbling of the earth’s axis back and forth for it’s predictable 23.5˚. It’s almost like taking the vital signs of our world. It’s alive and well, or perhaps better – functioning according to specifications. I fear that in time, human ingenuity will find a way to mess it up.

There are other systems. The Gulf Stream for instance. An oceanic river flowing from the Gulf of Mexico up into the Northeast Atlantic then diving down to the depths to return to the Gulf to pick up a fresh charge of climate sustaining warmth. These are signs of a living planet. It’s exciting.

Speaking of human ingenuity, scientists – you know: that bunch of mythologizing naysayers – have already documented a shift in the ocean temperature that is melting arctic ice and threatening to cause a devastating climate changing temperature shift in the Gulf Stream.

But we can relax. It won’t happen next month and besides it’s only science. And besides #2, God told us to subdue the earth – pound the shit out of it – all to His glory. Isn’t that right? Even a casual observer can see evidence of this pounding without much effort.

And if that isn’t scary enough we now have a president elect who doesn’t read, and some evidence suggests that he doesn’t think – well, except about himself, and by his lights that seems to be enough.

Just now it’s dark. But light is coming. It will be interesting to find out what that light reveals.



  1. So, are their pounding drums and a bonfire in your future?

    • Thanks for reading and commenting David. We have chickened out of the bonfire scene. It’s dampy cold and CA isn’t feeling that well. We’ll punt with an augmented Happy Hour in front of the fire.. Not, by the way the first punt of the game. 🙂

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