TREETOPVIEWS has been a theme of mine for 30 years. It comes from a childhood period when I invested hours in the crown of an oak tree by our house. If I wanted, I could remain unmoving in the top of that tree and be “invisible” yet seeing all. At least that was my fantasy. I remember thinking I had views from my treetop vantage point no other had. That’s probably a huge conceit but I was a child, after all. I suffered from grandiose imagination overload.

So here I am, observing and commenting. Not much has changed except that after these many years, I have given up tree climbing, white water kayaking, chainsawing from a ladder and anything requiring a regular meeting. Ah, but that’s a whole other story.

Thanks for coming by. I hope you enjoy the place. It’s still a work in progress that will settle down soon. But maybe not. There’s a box somewhere in which you can leave a comment, and another where you can subscribe via email. I’d like that

Remember to laugh a lot. Particularly at politicians.

Be well and stay tuned. . . .

Jerry Henderson

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