ONMONHEGAN for 2015 ended yesterday. Until September 10, 2016, then…

Obviously, I thought about it. While thinking and meditating (an insider’s term for thinking), I decided to continue coming here until I just can’t. Once I fairly breezed over these rough trails where now I am more careful and judicious.

I once read an interview of a well known poet (and here you must forgive me for failing to remember who this well known person is) and the interviewer asked him about his habit of writing a poem a day. “What if”, the questioner said, “you get to the end of the day and you have not come up with the poem for the day?” The poet said, “I lower my standards”.

That’s how I will continue coming to Monhegan. There are some of the more difficult trails that I will not attempt, or if I do I may slither down the more precipitous pitches on my butt. Dignity is highly over estimated. Not up to past standards? Not to worry – the views are the same. And that’s what I come for. Oh, and the thinking, aka – meditation.

And now for the poem for the day:


Looking out to sea
The ocean holds me in her arms
Sunlight glistens on the water
Diamonds Stacked fathoms deep
I see worlds below
The past and the future
I see Leviathan and she sees me
I see the souls of countless seamen
Who await the trumpet’s sound
Or perhaps it is I who waits
Window after window opens
I fall into the depths
Mysteries are revealed
Not always understood
I reach out unconsciously to touch the rock
the rock is there – I am dry