It’s been one of those soul sapping. dizzying, hotter than a $4 pistol at the battle of Buil Run kind of days here in Maine, where life is the way it should be, or some such acceptable lie. Nothing seemed to help. I had to run into town for a couple of things and in the air conditioned bubble of my little VW it was heaven. I took the long way to and from. Could have driven to New Hampshire and back just for the cool of it. But I didn’t. I’m a southern boy who can take a week or so of this kind of heat. Truth of the matter is, that’s the truth. I “deal” with the heat much better than my New England friends, some of whom, become physically ill. I think a lot of it is mental. To them the heat is wrong. It is a moral outrage. The heat is the heat, it seems to me, and to resist only magnifies one’s perception of its intensity. Sounds high minded, if not down right self-righteous, doesn’t it? It’s hot on us all.

 There are a couple of deck options here where one can avoid the direct sun and hope for a breeze. But today nothing, not even that usually bountiful option seemed to work. It was just hot and you set your thermostat to idle and hoped for the best.

 I decided that watering the garden’s few survivors would be a kind and cooling thing to do. it was. I “accidentally” got a little spray on myself. The few carrots that survive look good. Tomatoes are abundant but still green with some turning a yellow-green. i have a few plants on the deck and from them I have had a couple of nice tomatoes. I am eating some yellow squash. Scallions, leeks, chard. kale and collards are good but not as productive as usual.

 So things were not a complete washout. My neighbor Dean, brought over a basket of snap beans. He always has great beans. Half of ours didn’t come up and those that did are making a few but not really enough for a mess. When our tomatoes come in, we’ll share. His tomatoes had the blight of which we were mercifully spared this year.

 As i am finishing this it is early next morning and the air is already heavy and portending another hot day before tomorrow’s promised cool front. If it is cool tomorrow I’ll do the yard work before the weekend when we get busy with visiting and being visited upon. It appears that we may actually get in our kayaks on Sunday. Could it be? Could it be?

 To put all this in it’s proper light: this is the season I dream of in March when my bones are brittle with cold and I yearn for sweat dripping down my back.

 Be well and stay tuned.

     Jerry Henderson

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  1. Just back from Disney and saw your new connection to others from this blog & not treetopviews. Couldn’t connect before leaving so was to tackle that when returning. We are flipped. We obviously are northerns in southern climes & it is HOT here too. But, and a big but at that, I complain very little as the temp climbs into the upper 90’s as here in the south there are 3 reasons not to: 1) just about everything under a roof is AC (I actually carry a jean jacket in the care all summer long for such reasons), 2)the heat is the perfect excuse to stop all active activities, sit earlier than the allowed 5 o’clock, for cocktails and 3) when sweltering hot I often think about how much more I can handle the heat than I WANT to handle the snow up by you in the winter. You know I think I would use my age card and plant myself solid in-front of a fan or in a cool bath and stay put. The grass and garden will not walk off if you don’t tend to them today, unfortunately. Hope the cool front came in by the time you read this. Be well!

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