We’ve had four power outages within the past 8 hours. Just blips deep enough to cause the clocks to reset to zeros and begin their annoying blinking. None of that is of much consequence except that the clock on my stove must be set for the oven to work. The oven must work in order to make a pan of biscuits. No biscuits soon, however. It’s not the right weather yet, but you take my point.

 Because I understand a little bit about how electricity works, I always wonder what is behind such outages. This recent series seems to have been either due to yesterday’s drenching rain and where shorts were instantly reset by automatic resetting breakers or something like that. Or it could have been planned “maintenance” of some kind. Usually, the more traumatic kinds of outages like some poor sod shearing off a pole taking an unfamiliar curve too fast, last much longer.

 Even so, an outage – any kind of outage, brings up once more my increasing dependence on electricity. I am not sure this is a good thing, but it is damned convenient and comforting. I don’t want to do without it. I can remember visiting relatives in the countryside who did not have electricity. Yes! We sat around basking in the semi light of an oil lamp. Cold outhouse seats, wood burning cook stoves, ( I’ve actually owned one of those ) and washing your face in the morning in a cold basin on a rail on the back porch. Just throw the used water in the yard. Electricity, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways, darling, my love.

 Plug it in, turn it on and stay tuned – – – I’m Jerry Henederson

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