There is so much going on in the world that we all should be conversant with and yet the mind, mine anyway, more and more seems to rebel at going through all the pieces that are presented every morning for my consideration. I rationalize: what difference does it make whether I know about it or not, and more often than not, I blow it off and chase my own ruminations about a world that seems to be shrinking more and more – my life.

When I worked every day meeting people from all over the world I could believe I was sort of part of some process or culture that did indeed reach out to the proverbial four corners. In fact, my life was no more consequential then than it is now in what has been called by my partner in life, the meadowlands of retirement. I know, and am loathe to admit it, that this “feeling” of being sidelined is more than a feeling but an integral part of the aging process. Retirement is, nevertheless, not a dead end unless one chooses it to be so.

I have this friend who said, the instant she knew of my intention to retire, that I should volunteer one day a week somewhere. My first inclination was to reject the idea for reasons ranging from, I already have plenty to do, to needing some time for what I saw as a much needed withdrawal from the constant demands of the public.

It turns out that I do have quite a bit to do and I do enjoy not having to deal with the public. The best of both worlds. I suppose that volunteering would be interesting. I suppose I could even try to become involved in some community activity. I am told there are many tasks waiting to be done. It is, for some reason, difficult for me to see how i could be of much help. Not false modesty, but rather simple lack of motivation is the best thing I can come up with.

In other matters:

I’m home waiting for the family to return from a trip downtown mainly to give a young woman from Taiwan, the girlfriend of one of the grand sons, the nickel tour of Freeport and LLBean, the light having long faded that would have afford a view of the rocky coast line. I think she will return. Catch up at a later date. They wanted to look at a bed at Beans that supposedly costs some obscene amount and take a little stroll around town. There are places where that can still be safely done.

It was the family Thanksgiving celebration with all the trimmings that are usual for this family. As a southerner, I missed a pot of rice but there were many wonderful things to tease the palette. There is a Yankee baseball game tonight and possibly some group game here. It has been a good day. One for which to be thankful. I hope it has been good for you as well.

Oh, Happy Halloween! ( Whatever that’s supposed to mean ) I have to make sure all the outside lights are off. Okay, so I am a curmudgeon. Wanna make something out of that?

I’m Jerry Henderson

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