Yesterday I was there again seeing my doctor for this persistent cough. She said it was about time we got a new chest X-Ray and I said OK. Well I would have had to wait two hours to get it then and considered that a bit beneath me at the moment and chose rather to come back the next day. Now it is the next day and in hindsight, I realize it is going to take at least two hours to drive back and get the picture and come home. This is also beneath me but it is the substance of my life at the moment. Grumble, grumble. I am such a child of the instant payoff. So I’ll drive down and back again and try to redeem the time invested by a side trip to the ocean or other scenic place to get a few pictures with my new camera that is burning a hole in my pocket. B UTIFUL CLICH? below is the photographic result of that little foray into the countryside, far from the controlled access jungle of I-95.

I don’t know what i’d do without the ability to get in my little car and go when I need or want to go. I also know that at some point I will have to consider that a privilege no longer available to me, for a variety of reasons, none of which, thankfully, are obvious now.

I have known several people of a certain age who voluntarily gave up their driver’s licenses after reaching a perceived level of driving incompetence. Either age, or some diminished skill level coupled with the presence of mind to recognize the dangers inherent in continuing to drive led these people to just stop. Just thinking of this gives me pause. Doubtless, that day will come for us all – meaning me, of course. When that day comes I hope I have the mind to do what I need to do. Driving 25 miles to Portland daily for a week sounds and feels like something I could give up in the twinkling of an eye.

I have a friend who in the course of a day taking children to their daily round of schooling, other classes, doctor’s offices and shopping drives more than I do and thinks nothing of it, or rather accepts it as a given for her life. But I am probably 30 years her senior. For a number of years I paddled my kayak in white water until that got too fast for me and I spent more time upside down than right side up. I gave up the paddling fast lane for the more enjoyable “flat water” paddling lanes. I can see that happening with driving as well.

I really don’t worry about my driving skill. It’s the youthful (usually) brainless idiot who can’t stand being behind anyone and who has to cut you off at the pass for no other reason than that he can do it. Watch car adds on TV. Competition and performance are the only reasons some people get into a car. This crowd is responsible for most of the so-called accidents on the roads and if it were left to me, these people would be tested twice a year and given refresher courses in driving safety, rules and common sense. I would add the same for anyone driving past the age of 70. That includes me.
Oh well, I need another touch of dark roast. Be well, and stay tuned.

I’m Jerry Henderson

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  1. Can’t tell you how many people cut in front of me in the morning when dropping their children off for school. The total "self-centered-ness" irrates me if not a full cup of joe in me. So why are they more important than my daughter and I that they have the right, with their bigger vehicle, to cut me off, after I have waited patiently to join the line for several minutes. Oh, plz,don’t get me going. I do hope those days of giving up driving are far in the future, for you, as along with the not so pleasant trips comes the loss of those lovely side trips as well and I can so tell how much you enjoy this creative outlet. How was the x-ray!!!!???

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